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Duration of Curriculum and Calendar :

Master in Computer Application (MCA) Programme is of three years duration. Each year shall be divided into Two Semesters. First Semester shall ordinarily begin in August and end in December. Second Semester shall ordinarily begin in January and end in May. Sometimes due to delay in admission formalities the First Semester (for fresh students) may be delayed by few days. The second Semester may also be delayed.

Each year, the University shall draw an Academic Calendar and the same shall be non-negotiable and strictly adhered to The Academic Calendar for the First year shall be handed over to each admitted student along with his/ her University Registration Card. Second year Academic Calendar shall be made available during registration for Third Semester and Third year calendar during registration for Fifth Semester.

The Curriculum and Syllabus shall be modified with approval of Academic Council positively once in every three years to keep the same up-to-date. However, minor modifications can be done as the when necessary with the approval of the Vice-Chancellor, The modification so done shall be placed to the immediate next Academic Council Meeting for ratification. A candidate may be permitted to complete MCA degree requirements in not more than 5 years (10 Semesters).

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