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BRMIIT - Activities

Funfair :

This activity encourages students to arrange a food stall of their own group. They invest of a tiny amount of money and sell their product to staff, parents and other Students to make a profit out of it. And the profit amount goes to a charitable trust. This activity is a part of BRM finishing school. It improves the knowledge of business and strategy making among the Students. It improves their ability as team member as well as a leader. It makes Students self dependent.

Blood Donation Camp :

In this activity staffs, Students, donate blood. It helps for the purpose of a noble cause. It helps Students to make themselves a better human being.

Plantation :

Students and Staffs together plant trees in the campus as well as outside the campus. It is for a noble cause of saving the environment. A seminar is held to aware students about the environment. It improves the knowledge about the environment and spreads a awareness among the Students.

BRM cricket league :

Cricket teams from different technical institutions and universities are invited to join the league. The league is conducted by the studentsand eminent sports personalities came to attend the matches and for prize distribution. It shows the love of Students for most popular game in India. It improves teamwork, Co-ordination among the Students.

Foundation Day :

Staffs and Students celebrate the day with immense of enthusiasm. Different types of indoor activities are held on this day.

Annual Function :

Students enjoy various cultural programs on this day. Also Students do participates in various cultural activities like singing, dancing, play, mimicry on this function.

Tech Fest :

Students of different study circles, Technical Universities, Schools and Colleges to show their technical skills and knowledge. Students compete with each-other for putting up the best of modern day technology from each field of engineering and science. Various activities continue for 3 days. It gives a platform to showcase their technical knowledge and skills. It improves their presentation skills.

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