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Students at BRM BRM Group is an educational international residential college with approximately 300 students from all over 30 states. BRM draws on the richness of all its constituent cultures and has been educating global citizens for over 20 years.

BRM is deliberately multicultural in its articulated philosophy and members of the BRM community are supported in developing an understanding of their own culture and the cultures of other.

BRM takes students from 10th pass for Diploma, 12th passs for B.Tech fresher, Diploma & BSc for lateral entry B.Tech, ITI pass for lateral Diploma, B.Tech pass for M.Tech.

Student Achievements :

Students at BRM BRM GROUP is a school with a 'holistic' philosophy of education evident in its curriculum, with emphasis on awareness or extension / enrichment programs. The importance of educating the whole person is an integral part of all BRM programs and our students achieve in a wide variety of arenas from academic to music, art to cultural, social service and environmental commitment.

However BRM is particularly proud of its students' academic achievements. Every student graduates with a Diploma, B.Tech, M.Tech, MBA & MCA certification. BRM students consistently achieve higher results than world mean scores in GRE, GATE, CAT, MAT, XAT, NET, JEE exams. 100% of BRM students who apply to universities or colleges worldwide gain entry.

Student Leadership :

BRM takes the responsibility of developing leaders of the future seriously. For over 15 years students have been given a role in defining the school culture and in extending their individual skills into peer leadership areas through programs in social experience, cultural field trips, community service and outdoor education.

Student government is one way for students to get involved at BRM activity and represent the voices of fellow students. Both student councils are headed by elected Presidents and aided by other elected officers. All classes in the Middle School and High School elect representatives to the student councils.

Two student "observers" are elected to attend the meetings of the BRM Association governing body, the Council of Directors. Students are also represented on various advisory committees within the school.

BRM music students are benchmarked against world standards in IB music. BRM has over 50 music practice rooms, 45 pianos, full strings and orchestra instruments provision. BRM is also proud of its long established tradition of musical excellence and tours regularly in India and internationally.

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