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BRM Philosophy

In 1996 the foundation document of BRM group was produced under the vision and direction of the Director of Development, Dr Biswajitmohanty a committed Indian and international educator. Assisted by the Steering Committee the vision was developed into a practical workable design which was implemented over the next decade.

'The main objective was to develop BRM group of institution, a plural cultural, multinationalschool in mission as a of service to children and parents of all communities of Indian and international society, providing an opportunity for a quality education coupled with a specially designed opportunity for deepened spiritual development. What is implied by 'plural -cultural' and ''multinational'. is that the school will also be truly international in character. This would further mean that the school will strive to be a healthy microcosm of the developing global community, affirming the:

  • wholesome diversity of humankind and the importance of personal identity
  • aspects of knowledge and understanding which promote the oneness of all persons and prepare students to be world citizens, as well as responsible citizens to their own community.

Today the philosophy and objectives of BRM group of institution are contained in a successor long range planning 'What we still envisage is a educational group where students and staff of various nationalities and backgrounds can learn from one another while they live and study together. The fact that the institute is set in an Asian context provides a particular focus for the learning process. We affirm the Christian tradition and identity of this institution. We hope that persons from a variety of Christian traditions as well as those from other religious and non-religious traditions will be spiritually challenged and strengthened through living in this community.'

BRM Mission Statement

BRM group of institution is an autonomous residential school with a broad college-oriented curriculum, serving young people from a wide diversity of cultures. The institution’s academic program is intentionally set within a community life based on the life and teaching of Jesus Christ and devoted to service in India and the whole human community.'

General Objectives

'The institution shall strive to be a healthy microcosm of the global societies in the community. It shall recognize and encourage the distinctive differences between people, nations, and cultures, and, at the same time affirm the unity of humankind. The lifestyle of the school will therefore reflect this healthy tension. Here, students and staff shall learn together in theory and practice how to bridge differences between themselves and others. The school will acknowledge Jesus Christ and his teachings to be the foundation stone for achieving all its objectives.'

BRM Values

BRM group of institution values the following guiding principles as pre-eminent for all aspects of its community life:

  • Accountability : All the members of the community should be able to justify their actions according to the effective pursuit of the mission and goals of the School and the particular requirements of their roles.
  • Appreciation : Individuals of all groups will appreciate all other members of the community for their individuality, their gender and their specific cultural identity.
  • Concern for Others : All members of the community will care for the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of all other members of the community to the best of their ability.
  • Consistency : Policies will be justly applied to all members of the community and to the pursuit of the school's mission and goals.
  • Context : The school, without losing its global and Christian character, will be engaged with its local, India and South Asian contexts in all aspects of its program.
  • Cooperation : All members of the community will work together and resolve conflicts effectively.
  • Integrity : Truthfulness and the open sharing of information are the accepted standards of the school.
  • Openness : The school consistently draws on the best resources, models and ideas available in the world in pursuit of its mission.
  • Performance: The school expects the highest possible level of achievement will be pursued by each person.
  • Reverence : All members of the community will seek to develop their own inner, spiritual life and respect the spiritual efforts of others
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